Texas Basic Package

Basic Prep Package Details-TX

*Includes prep for both Real Estate Salesperson and Broker Exams

Our basic package is designed for students who feel like they have a solid grasp on the material and would like to take a few practice exams before taking the real thing.  The package includes 6 exams; 3 national and 3 state specific exams which are formatted and timed the same as the actual.  Each exam is graded and the results display each question with your answer along with the correct answer and an explanation of the correct answer.

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Real Estate Prep Exam Basic Package


Online Prep Exam Platform

  • includes 6 exams; 3 national and 3 state specific exams
  • Includes practice tests applicable for both Salesperson and Broker licensing exams
  • Same format as state mandated exams
  • 100% online... Take anytime from anywhere!


Outstanding Support and Service

  • Support is available to assist with any technical issues you might have
  • Easy to contact and quick to respond. We are here to insure your satisfaction!


Up-to-date Material and Cutting Edge Technology

  • Our writers frequently take the exams to ensure the questions and study materials are up-to-date with today's state and national legislation
  • We constantly perform maintenance on our platform to ensure it runs smoothly and stays on the cutting edge of today's technology


Exam Score Analysis with Explanations

  • Each completed practice exam will display your auto-calculated results
  • Your score will be broken down by category
  • Each question will display the correct answer along with a detailed explanation
  • Your results are a very useful tool to use for study and to identify weak areas

For a more complete package which contains a rich array of study material, guides, and a Guarantee of passing the exam, please check out our Premium Package



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What a deal!
I’ve seen lots of courses like yours and never recommended any of them. But from what I know about your reputation, it appears you have the real deal... I’m pleased to have found you and have every intention of referring you whenever I can.

~Elliot F.    Real Estate Education Provider

Online Demo

Experience our Live Exam DEMO!

The demo contains 10 sample questions. The actual Prep exams are generated at random from 1000's of questions resulting in an unlimited number of different exams for students to take. All of our exams are 100% online and provide you with comprehensive auto-calculated results for you to use for study and review.



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"As a result of using your program, I recently passed the state and national exams for my Salesperson license on the very first try! I was pleased to refer another young lady to your program at an orientation at the local board of realtors yesterday. She is awaiting approval to take her test and is petrified. I assured her that your program works! "

~J. Carter  
 Realtor® Abilene, Texas