About us

RealEstatePrepExams.com is owned by REPE Training LLC. We combine decades of experience in Real Estate, Education, Online training, and Technical Development, to provide our members with the best online study and training experience possible. We strive to keep our content fresh, our program functional, and our customers satisfied. Our online prep platform has been active since 2008 and we have heard nothing but compliments from our students and our reselling partners, which has inspired us to keep growing and marketing our program and business. We are confident in our ability to deliver a "Top shelf" preparation solution and look forward to providing the next generation of real estate agents and brokers the best exam prep on today's market!

About Bill Spencer aka "The Professor"

I began my career as an instructor in 1993 over 15 years ago. I teach all the basic courses (Principles, Contracts and Law of Agency) as well as many of the elective courses. Along with all the courses, I have also been teaching the Texas Exam Preparation Course for several years now. During my many years of instructing I have seen the need for students to take an Exam Prep Course before taking their state and national exam. I have seen the "fears" and "anxiety" of thousands of students and have prepared a inter-active program to "put those fears to rest".