New Jersey Premium Package

*Includes prep for both Real Estate Salesperson and Broker Exams

Our Three-Step Interactive Program will give you the study aids needed to pass the exam and help you overcome any fears or anxiety you may have about taking your Real Estate Licensing Exam. As a Premium member you can take an endless number of computer generated prep exams as many times as you like and prepare just like you are taking the actual Real Estate Exam. We have created over 1000 possible test questions which cover every concept that you will need to know to pass the test and get your license. You will also have access to many exclusive features such as professionally written study guides, study & test taking strategy guides, "ask the professor" for live help with problem areas or confusing topics, and a guide to choosing a broker.  This is a Proven System that is guaranteed to prepare you to pass your licensing exam!

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Online Prep Exam Platform

  • Take an UNLIMITED amount of practice exams with our online platform
  • Includes practice tests formatted for both Salesperson and Broker licensing exams
  • Same format as state mandated exams
  • Exams are generated from a databank of 1000's of possible test questions
  • 100% online... Take anytime from anywhere!


Professionally Written Study Guides

  • Written by real estate education professionals
  • National and State specific study guides are both available to our premium members
  • Dozens of pages consisting of up-to-date, need-to-know condensed information
  • Categorized by section in conjunction with your states licensing exam
  • Use in conjunction with your course material to review problem areas
  • Download and print to study anytime from anywhere


Live help from "The Professor"

  • Our Professor has decades of experience as both a real estate broker and instructor
  • Available over phone and email to answer questions about the subject matter
  • Support is also available to assist with any technical issues you might have
  • Easy to contact and quick to respond. We are here to insure your satisfaction!


Up-to-date Material and Cutting Edge Technology

  • Our writers frequently take the exams to ensure the questions and study materials are up-to-date with today's state and national legislation
  • We constantly perform maintenance on our platform to ensure it runs smoothly and stays on the cutting edge of today's technology


Exam Score Analysis with Explanations

  • Each completed practice exam will display your auto-calculated results
  • Your score will be broken down by category
  • Each question will display the correct answer along with a detailed explanation
  • Your results are a very useful tool to use for study and to identify weak areas


Career and Study Resources

  • Study and Test taking strategy guide
  • Access to 1000's of Real Estate Terms & Definitions
  • Guide to choosing a Broker


Pass the Test Guarantee!

  • We are so confident in our program that we provide a money back Guarantee!
  • Guarantee applies to our Premium packages
  • We are not satisfied unless YOU are satisfied

Three-Step Interactive Program

Our three-step inter-active web based program that not only guides you through the process on how to study but also helps you understand the material so that you can answer any question no matter how it is phrased.

Our program is designed to help you understand the material not simply memorize test questions:

Step 1: Download and Review the Study Guide

There are over eighty pages of condensed material outlining what is relevant to the test. The material has been designed to "cut to the chase" providing you with what you need to know.

Step 2: Take an Endless Number of Practice Exams

Take an endless number of computer generated tests with the same question and grading format as that of the actual Real Estate Exam. There are thousands of possible questions with each test being computer generated for an infinite number of possible tests. After you take the test and it is graded, you will be given direction on which areas to study before taking the test again. By following this procedure until you are passing the test time and time again, you will obtain an understanding of the concepts behind the questions and gain a mastery of the material.

Step 3: Review and Study based on your Practice Exam Results

Upon completion of your practice exam you can review the complete exam with your answers and explanations for each question. As you review your exam you are learning the correct answers and preparing yourself to take another exam. As you continue to take exams and review, you begin to understand the concepts not just the questions. The key to passing is to know the concepts behind the material, not memorizing exam questions. Once you've passed multiple exams with a score of 85% or higher you are ready to go take the real thing!



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What a deal!
I’ve seen lots of courses like yours and never recommended any of them. But from what I know about your reputation, it appears you have the real deal... I’m pleased to have found you and have every intention of referring you whenever I can.

~Elliot F.    Real Estate Education Provider

Online Demo

Experience our Live Exam DEMO!

The demo contains 10 sample questions. The actual Prep exams are generated at random from 1000's of questions resulting in an unlimited number of different exams for students to take. All of our exams are 100% online and provide you with comprehensive auto-calculated results for you to use for study and review.



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"As a result of using your program, I recently passed the state and national exams for my Salesperson license on the very first try! I was pleased to refer another young lady to your program at an orientation at the local board of realtors yesterday. She is awaiting approval to take her test and is petrified. I assured her that your program works! "

~J. Carter  
 Realtor® Abilene, Texas