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Program Options:

Please select the option that best suits your business and needs and contact us about becoming a reseller of the best online prep exam platform available in today's market!

Affiliate Program

Quick and Easy... add a link to your website and we handle the rest.

Becoming an affiliate is quick and easy. Simply put, we (REPE) will provide you (Affiliate Partner) with a traceable link to add to your website. We can assist with graphics, marketing collateral and any technical help you might need to add and promote this link to your website. When your website visitors click on the link they will be directed to our website where they can register and use the program. REPE will be responsible for all aspects of registering and administering the practice exams and will provide full support to all members. You may track sales in real time from our Admin website and will receive a quarterly check for your portion of the profit share! The wholesale cost for the package is $59 and the retail price that must be advertised is $99. We can create discount codes if you would like to run promotions and provide discounts.


  • Affiliate partner receives a traceable link to add to their website that directs users to the REPE website where they can register for their prep membership.
  • REPE will provide affiliate partner with marketing collateral and technical assistance to help integrate and promote the prep program on their website.
  • REPE handles all registrations, payment processing, and user management.
  • Affiliate Partner receives access to a REPE admin website where they can track referrals in real time
  • REPE will send referral partner a quarterly check for their portion of the profit share.

Reselling Partner / Product Integration

Integrate our prep product with your online store and sell it like it is your own, while we manage all the content.

To become a product reseller a company must have their own E-commerce and membership management platform. REPE will create a portal to an unbranded exam package that will include access to unlimited practice exams and study guide downloads. REPE will work with the Resellers developer(s) to integrate the REPE package into their online store and it can then be sold as an independent product or within course packages. Users will access the prep exam and study guides within the membership area of the resellers website and will never be exposed to realestateprepexams.com, giving the perception that the prep product belongs to the Reselling company. REPE will still manage all content from the back end and will be available for support should problems occur.


  • Reseller sells the REPE prep package as one of their own products and customers register through the Resellers website and e-commerce platform.
  • Reseller processes payments and manages membership accounts for access to the purchased prep product.
  • When users log into their account on Resellers website they will have access to a portal that launches an unbranded prep platform
  • REPE will provide Reseller with an API Code that launches the online prep platform.

Quick Refer Program

Don't have a school or website? You can still earn money by referring associates to our website!

If you don't have school or website to use for marketing then our Quick Referral Program may be perfect for you. Recommend our program to your friends and associates and earn $20 for each Premium membership and $5 for each Basic membership sold! Simply direct new members to input your name when they register for a prep exam package and we will send you a check!


  • To enroll sign up at: http://realestateprepexams.com/quick-refer
  • Direct your friends and associates to input your name in the “Referred By” box when they register for one of our packages on www.realestateprepexams.com
  • REPE will send you some discount cards to help you promote the program
  • We will send you a check each month… Its that easy!



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What a deal!
I’ve seen lots of courses like yours and never recommended any of them. But from what I know about your reputation, it appears you have the real deal... I’m pleased to have found you and have every intention of referring you whenever I can.

~Elliot F.    Real Estate Education Provider

Online Demo

Experience our Live Exam DEMO!

The demo contains 10 sample questions. The actual Prep exams are generated at random from 1000's of questions resulting in an unlimited number of different exams for students to take. All of our exams are 100% online and provide you with comprehensive auto-calculated results for you to use for study and review.



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"As a result of using your program, I recently passed the state and national exams for my Salesperson license on the very first try! I was pleased to refer another young lady to your program at an orientation at the local board of realtors yesterday. She is awaiting approval to take her test and is petrified. I assured her that your program works! "

~J. Carter  
 Realtor® Abilene, Texas